At the Ice Cream Shop

People eating at an outdoor ice cream shop

At the Ice Cream Shop

I look for scenes that tell a story and each time I see this particular grandmother and grandson at our corner ice cream shop they get my attention. He is about 15, enthusiastic, talkative and a bit awkward. She is calm, attentive and exudes love for him. I get a kick out of seeing them and was glad I got a seat close by so I could sketch them.

I focused on capturing their connection through their posture and gaze. He is sitting up straight, looking at her, talking a mile a minute and not too aware of the melting ice cream. She lifts her head to meet his eyes and does not seem to notice the melting mess either. I think this sketch captures something true about their relationship, as I understand it. I included the other two people and the outdoor eating environment to show context.

This is a marker sketch with color added in Procreate.

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4 Responses to At the Ice Cream Shop

  1. Ann M Lewis says:

    As always, quite wonderful. Your images stick. The two figures in the background are relishing their ice cream while the other two sit engaged with each other. I see and feel the kitchen late at night. The quiet comfort of a familiar place with the hum of a refrigerator. I feel the patience of the customer wondering if he’ll ever get his turn at the counter. Lovely! Keep them coming! >

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  2. Bevbarrett says:

    Wow. Makes me want to listen in and hear what they are saying

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