Posting to Facebook

Two People Using Electronic Devices

Posting to Facebook

After a long day of touring Jerusalem with a camera, comes an evening of reviewing, selecting and posting to Facebook. Which means a short while ago our two guests were sitting on the couch with their electronic devices, reflecting away on their day. I was struck by how their body language signaled the type of thinking they were involved in and wanted to capture it.

The figure on the left looks off to her left, her legs are pulled up on the couch, her left hand is raised towards her face in a gesture of rumination and her right hand is paused above her iPad. Altogether her posture suggests she is formulating her thoughts but not yet ready to commit them to social media.

The posture of the figure on the right is past the intospective stage and is committing his thoughts to Facebook. His posture is open. He is leaning forward, eyes on his iPad, right hand tapping on the screen, ankles crossed, and left arm draped across his knee. The tilt of his head suggests he is thinking, but thinking about how to write his thoughts, not what to write about.

This sketch was done completely on an iPad using Procreate.



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2 Responses to Posting to Facebook

  1. Ruth Johns says:

    Hi Sarah, I enjoy your sketches and the explanations that go with them. When you get back here in the USA, I would like to have you show me how you do your sketching on the iPad. My father (died when I was 12) was a really good artist and I think I might have some undiscovered artistic side. Seems like that Procreate would be a way for me to explore. Ruth >


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