Feral Cats of Jerusalem

Cats at a Feeding Station, Hebrew University

Cats at a Feeding Station, Hebrew University

There are wild cats everywhere in Jerusalem. These are bold cats, entering buildings in search of food, including our apartment, when the screen is not pulled. Cats are on the walkways, in the trash bins, the outdoor cafes, national monuments, forest, and even the university. Beautiful and entertaining, the cats seem as much a part of the city as the people, cars, buildings, and birds.

Different people offer different explanations for the abundance of cats. Some say they have been in the Middle East since the time of the Egyptians. Others say the British brought them here to kill rats. Regardless, these cats thrive in part because they are loved and fed by a portion of the people here.

Hebrew University has at least two cat feeding stations. Both are large shaded tables in a secluded area. There are cutouts in the table surface for three large bowls, and additional bowls are scattered about on the ground. This sketch shows one of these feeding stations. People come and feed the cats throughout the day. The bowls are filled with cat food by kindhearted people. Others share sandwiches with the cats or leave leftovers from their lunches.

This is a pen, paper and iPad sketch.

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