Unexpected Day at the Airport

Unexpected Day at the Airport

Unexpected Day at the Airport

We did not plan to spend most of yesterday at the airport. However, our low cost, no frill airline switched our departure from one side of the large Barcelona Airport to the other, without announcing it. A few fleet footed Spanish speakers made it across the airport but we did not.

Hours later we made it to Bilbao and the hotel, arriving just before 8 PM. Our friend Iñigo was still enthusiastic about showing us his incredible town and we soon left behind our bad moods. The Basque have a delightful custom of bar hopping, eating a small ‘pintxo’ (tapas) and drinking a short drink at several different bars across the evening. Bilbao is gorgeous. I wish I had the opportunity to sketch here but it will have to wait for another trip.

Our four bicycles await and we start off in an hour on one of the ancient El Camino de Santiago trails, for us a 650 kilometer ride along the northern coast of Spain.

This is an iPad sketch of disgruntled passengers at the Vueling Airline counter.

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2 Responses to Unexpected Day at the Airport

  1. Anna says:

    I enjoyed the disgruntled faces.


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