Habitaciones Bella Vista

Habitaciones Bellas Vistas

Habitaciones Bellas Vistas

Today was our fourth day biking el Camino de Santiago. We made good time, aided by taking the ferry from Somo to Santander and then the light rail for 5 kilometers through the industrial portion of Santander. It was another beautiful day, although colder with occasional sprinkles.

We were headed for Comillas but 7 kilometers short of it a very dramatic thunderstorm caused us to pull to the side of the trail to put on our rain gear. We looked to our right and noticed the ‘Habitaciones Bella Vista’and scurried up to it instead.

Our first nights in Spain we were careful about hotels, looking them up on the internet and making reservations ahead. Now we go until we are ready to stop, keep our eyes open for a cheerful looking hotel and then just go in and see if they have a room. All the hotels have been great- attractive, comfortable, clean, staffed by terrific people and reasonably priced, this one, for instances, is 35 euros (about $38) a room. It overlooks the Playa de Luaña and, as promised, the ‘Habitaciones Bella Vista’ has beautiful vistas indeed.

This is a a quick pen and watercolor sketch done of our friend up on the balcony looking out at the sunset.


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