Resting After Lunch

Resting After Lunch

Resting After Lunch Near Llanes Spain

The terrain was much less hilly and we we made very good time on our sixth day of biking a portion of the Northern Route of El Camino de Santiago. We began on a small paved road in Colombres and then followed a gravel trail along the coast. The sea view was to our right and the snow capped Picos Mountains to our left. As we approached Llanes we returned to the highway and lost sight of the tops of the Picos.

We ate a late lunch about 5 miles out from Llanes, sat on the patio, enjoyed the view and company and fought off the feeling that we needed a nap. I wanted to show sleepy contentment but I think I made the Frenchman in the background look a little like he is fuming, which I don’t think he was. I liked the way he took his shoes off while he ate, my feet envied his.

We are meeting more pilgrims on the trail, including a cheerful Frenchman, shown in the background of this sketch. Most pilgrims are on on foot including  two English women in their seventies, who caught up with us twice yesterday. The variety of people and their approaches to equipment are interesting. It gives rise to thoughts like, “Next time we should…”

This is an iPad sketch.



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