At the Confectionery in Budapest

At the Confectionery in Budapest

At the Confectionery in Budapest

Budapest is renown for its confectioneries so of course we had to go and see for ourselves. It definitely lived up to its reputation although we may need to verify this by gathering more data.

This is a quick sketch of three other patrons. I was impatient and the watercolor ran together, especially the flesh tones, and then tried to fix it with Procreate. I liked the way the women interacted and thought their faces were expressive as they exchanged thoughts. This would be a good sketch do do again.

This is a pen and watercolor sketch with some editing in Procreate


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2 Responses to At the Confectionery in Budapest

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    More research is definitely in order. Do you need an assistant?

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  2. Yes, please come right away!


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