Moonrise over Budapest

Moonrise over Budapest

Moonrise over Budapest

For our last day in Hungary, our cousins took us to Szentendre, a town known for its artists, museums, galleries and gorgeous location along the Danube River. We were charmed by the setting, impressed by the work of many artists and very happy to spend the day with our Hungarian relatives. We took an enormous amount of photos, lingered over lunch in the shade along the riverbank and enjoyed a marzipan museum and confectionary shop.

It was a good day and we got back at our apartment late but happy, with just enough time to pack and make one last sketch. This is the view from our balcony looking out between the buildings as the moon rises.The challenge for me in this was showing the structure of the buildings and trees when so much of what I saw was murky swirls of dark color.

This is a pencil and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper.

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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Where to now!!! What an adventure. We were glad to share some of it with you both.

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