Showering at the City Beach in Nice, France

Sketch of people at a beach by Sarah Sullivan

Showering at the City Beach in Nice, France

This is our last day in Europe, tomorrow we return home to San Diego. We spent the day at the Chagall Museum and then walked through Nice until we reached the beach in the early evening. 

This is a quick sketch of people along the city beach using pencil on a small sheet of multimedia paper.  Later at the hotel I added color with Procreate and  used Snapseed to strengthen the texture. 

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2 Responses to Showering at the City Beach in Nice, France

  1. marci blodgett says:

    Sarah, What an adventure you and Peter have had! May your transition back to So.Cal. move along smoothly. I have thoroughly enjoyed your European sketches but know the next ones will be just as awesome. Welcome back.

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    What a great way to finish your worldwide tour. Will be home a week from today

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