A Reading Place

A Reading Place

A Reading Place

Some places invite readers to open a book for hours and our living room is one of these. Two comfortable chairs and a couch, wonderful lighting and a place for coffee make this a favorite spot for me.

I sketched this with pen on watercolor paper and fortunately took a photo before starting to paint. Later when I did not like the way the watercolor overwhelmed the drawing I was able export my original sketch into Procreate and try again. The watercolor was too intense but the line drawing without color was too dull. This version with soft washes showing the afternoon light is the one I like best.

This is a pen and Procreate sketch.

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2 Responses to A Reading Place

  1. Genevieve says:

    it’s excellent! i want to take a nap there. and then read and have coffee. interesting to read about your change of mind regarding color. the final outcome is really good.

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