Pensive Moment

Pensive Moment

Pensive Moment

This is another of the camping sketches that I did while sitting around chatting with our family. Normally I plan the sketch, do a thumbnail or two, and then stick pretty close to my plan. But for this series I was just drawing whatever I saw, fitting it all in on the sheet of paper as best I could. The original sketch had four figures but I only liked the figure of the man in red. Yesterday I used Procreate to remove the three other figures and to copy and paste the background shrubbery into the spaces the three figures once filled.

I think I caught something of the feel of a man facing his 32 birthday, the slight frown and distant gaze suggest thought and pondering, the lift of the chin and arms wrapped around his chest suggest planning and determination.

This is a pen, watercolor pencil, watercolor and Procreate sketch.


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