Curious Cows

Gouche Cows

Curious Cows

I drew these curious cows with black marker last May while resting during a bike ride in Spain and then put it away unfinished, rest time being over. Today I pulled the sketch out to practice using gouache, my new deliberate learning focus.

Gouache is thick and dries very rapidly. At first I put paint on a pallet and used a brush to transfer it to the paper. Later I squeezed paint directly on the sketch and used the fan brush and a push pin to add meadow textures. I left unpainted paper for parts of the cows and the highlights on the shrubbery. Finally, I imported a scanned copy of this sketch into Snapseed to use its structure feature to strengthen the texture further.

This is a marker and gouache sketch on Canson Multi-Technique 140 pound paper.


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1 Response to Curious Cows

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Those cows were great subjects.

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