A Perfect Camping Spot

A Perfect Camping Spot

A Perfect Camping Spot

I started this sketch last week in Colorado but abandoned it because it did not convey what I felt about the place we were camping in. In the original sketch the camper fills the page and dominates the focus; only a bit of the immense forest shows. Additionally, the figure in the original sketch is immersed in reading and does not seem aware of the grandeur of the forest. The original sketch was about a man, a camper and a book.

I wanted to make a sketch about the impact of camping in a gorgeous forest and so today imported the original sketch into Procreate and then scaled it down, thereby leaving lots of empty space on the page. Next I used the empty space to surround the camper with forest.  Finally, I altered the figure’s head, showing him lifting up his face in admiration as a way of indicating the impact the forest has on those of us lucky enough to camp there. Now this sketch comes much closer to what I wanted to say about this perfect camping spot.

This is a pen and Procreate sketch.


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