Man Waits for Microwave 

Sketch of a man looking out window by Sarah Sullivan

Man Waits for Microwave

This morning our houseguest stood at the window and looked out while he waited for the microwave. I liked the way he seemed to be distracted by the morning view, with his head up and his arm limp, as he gazed out for a moment. I was able to get the basics of this sketch and then later this evening finished it up with more detail and color. Since I did not finish the sketch in real time, I decided that I may as well experiment with the color scheme. I selected two complementary colors, yellow and purple, and worked to get depth and definition with them.
This is a pen, pencil, watercolor pencil and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper, with some editing in Procreate.

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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Looking good!

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