Seaside Glow

Sketch of a Man Enjoying the Seaside Glow by Sarah Sullivan

Seaside Glow

We welcomed in 2017 with our house full of kids again. It was wonderful and we loved each busy moment of it.  Then they all left and we set off for the warm seaside in Mazatlan, Mexico.

We were out and about around this gorgeous town this morning and then came back to our rental in the afternoon for some quiet time. The late afternoon sun illuminating my husband as he nodded off in the warm afternoon sunlight was striking and perfect for a gouache and pastel sketch.

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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great pic. Luke is settled in. What an affectionate dog. He is one of the best pill rejectors I have encountered or else I am really rusty!!! Rosie is learning how to walk slowly and smell the grass.

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