So Tired He Can’t See Straight

So Tired He Can't See Straight

So Tired He Can’t See Straight

Some of the most interesting facial expressions I have captured in my year and a half of daily sketching are on people under the influence of jet lag. This tired house guest of ours is no exception. The saying, ‘so tired he can’t see straight’ sure seems to fit.

I used a much lighter weight paper today, a paper for pastel drawings, and it buckled from the moisture of the gouache paint and water. I’ll go back to the Bristol paper or the black paper in the Moleskine sketchbook tomorrow.

This is a gouache, pastel, and ink sketch on black pastel paper.

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2 Responses to So Tired He Can’t See Straight

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Right! Great Expression😀

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  2. I love how his face ended up!


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