Signs from the Women’s March in San Diego

Signs from the Women's March in San Diego

Signs from the Women’s March in San Diego

I spent the afternoon reworking my sketch from yesterday. Although I liked the chaotic energy of yesterday’s sketch, I also wanted to make it more of a cohesive story. In this redone sketch I have groups of figures standing together. The raised arms have a common rhythm and I think this helps to suggest unity. To convey the enormous number of people marching together, I put in groups of marks in the far background that could be waves of people. And I used even brighter colors to show the passion that caused more than 2.5 million people throughout our world to show up and make a statement.

This is a gouache and gel pen sketch on black Bristol paper. I used Snapseed and Procreate as well.

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8 Responses to Signs from the Women’s March in San Diego

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    You captured it all in one picture. Have you thought about making prints and offering them for sale? This was one of my best experiences in a lifeline of great experiences. Thanks

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  2. Tara D'Orazio says:

    This is a really great picture and reminds me of some of the professional promotional artwork I’ve seen around the march. I second the notion of making prints 🙂


  3. blackmutts says:

    I love it! You also had the “they tried to bury us, but they didn’t realize we are seeds.” That was one of my favorites in New York, too.


  4. I made a postcard based on this sketch, featuring this quote in part because of your comment. I am going to send it to my reps in congress and to the people I believe need to hear our message. It is posted in today’s blog.


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