Luke Takes a Nap

Luke Loves His Bed

Luke Takes a Nap

I intended to rework yesterday’s sketch but after a few attempts instead spent the evening sketching Luke as he slept beside me. Since last week when I saw my sister-in-law’s delightful sketch of a lamb, I had been wanting to try painting fur with gouache, and this was my opportunity. While I sketched I kept thinking about the difference between the work of trying to fix yesterday’s sketch and the fun of sketching Luke today.

Yesterday’s sketch was developed from an idea I wanted to write about. The writing was my primary focus and the sketch was secondary. The reference photo I used was not quite the right match for the concept and then I got caught up in copying the photo rather than just using it as a guide. Yesterday’s sketch was hard work.

Today’s sketch was less conceptual and more playful. The painting, not the writing, was my primary focus. Luke shifted his position as I painted so I made adjustments from memory, which gives a more real feel to the sketch. Then, because I was relaxed, I changed the color of his bed for the pleasure of using blue. Today’s sketch was fun, but I do still want to get yesterday’s sketch right, sometime soon.

This is a pen and gouache sketch  black Bristol paper.

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