We Were Refugees, Too

We Were Refugees, Too

We Were Refugees, Too

This evening I attended a meeting, Immigrants and Refugees: A Jewish Call-to-Action. There was standing room only. People listened intently as a panel of elected officials, rabbis and thought leaders explained why it is imperative that we advocate for immigrants and refugees.  It was incredibly moving to be in that room with so many caring people.

We were given suggestions for helpful resources. Three that I looked at this evening were: the ACLU website, the San Diego Anti-Defamation website, and perhaps best of all, a pamphlet, the Indivisible Guide. I see now how to make my calls and letters to elected representatives more effective.

I sketched during the meeting in a black sketchbook with a white gel pen. Later at home I painted this sketch with gouache and then made adjustments with Procreate.

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5 Responses to We Were Refugees, Too

  1. Great that you attended this meeting. I can feel the power of the communal sense of conviction and compassion in your drawing. It is comforting to be reminded that there are so many good people who truly care about what’s right… and who want to find out how to resist the ugliness that’s swirling over our heads.


  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Good reason to miss wk out!

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  3. Sarah Fields says:

    I love the sense of focus and energy and, after your description, the positivity of the crowd in this painting. ….Recently I came across information about the Spring ACLU Conference in San Francisco – are you interested in seeing that info, Sally? That’s a different level of involvement, & it’s not free (or I might go!) but I’m happy to forward it to you.

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