Let Our People Stay!

Let Our People Stay! Remember Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos

Let Our People Stay! Remember Guadalupe García de Rayos

I was so sad when I heard that a family was ripped apart this week by immigration officials. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos came to the United States 21 years ago as a young teenager. She made a life for herself, worked hard and married. This week she was separated from her husband, two children, home, and job, put into a van and involuntarily moved to the Mexican side of the border.  This terrible action does not reflect American generosity and values, we must do better than this.

This is a pastel,  gouache and Procreate sketch.

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4 Responses to Let Our People Stay!

  1. Sheila says:

    OMG Sarah!! THIS IS AWESOME ! What a powerful message both visually and verbally! I think your art and your heart are working together more and more. Good Going Girl!

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great work

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  3. Beverly Barrett says:


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