At the San Diego March for Immigrants

At the San Diego March for Immigrants

At the San Diego March for Immigrants

There were so many marchers at the San Diego March in Solidarity with Immigrants today and it was an amazing experience being there.

As I marched along a young man approached me, doubled checked that I was his old principal, and then told me who he was and what he is up to.  This once lively young English learner is now an engineer and travels the world on behalf of his company. And there he was, doing his part to keep the doors open so others can continue to reach for the American dream.  I felt so proud of him, the other previous students and colleagues I met along the way, and of my old school.

I could not sketch as we marched along but during the speeches I took out my sketchbook and sketched some of the  excitement around me. There were so many wonderful people and signs. I decided to share this sketch because the enthusiasm of the woman in red was lovely and infectious.

This is a pastel and gouache sketch with some editing in Procreate.

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4 Responses to At the San Diego March for Immigrants

  1. Marci says:

    I am glad you shared your experience. How exciting to meet a previous student!


  2. It is always wonderful, and especially wonderful to get a glimps of the adults they are becoming. Actually there were several others out yesterday at the march. It was a good day.


  3. Beverly Barrett says:

    Sorry to have missed this. Great job depecting woman’s enthusiasm .

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