Luke Will Be Missed So Much

Luke was such a good dog. He loved keeping us company, was always ready to help with the dishes, valiantly defended the house from the mailman, and was a terrific model for my sketches to boot. Funny how much you can love a dog.


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14 Responses to Luke Will Be Missed So Much

  1. munyingnying says:

    Sorry for your [temporary] loss (I believe in restoration). He was a family member too. I also feel sad as I have loved him from your drawings. May you be comforted in time.


  2. Peers says:

    Luke was such a loyal family friend!

    I would like to see one more sketch…

    Luke entering the pearly gates….

    With his halo!


  3. So sorry, I know that feeling of losing a pet so to one’s heart. Hugs.


  4. Beverly Barrett says:

    So sorry for the loss of a terrific friend and family member

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  5. Cait says:

    Sorry for your loss of Luke. I am sure he was glad to greet Lois and Chief at the Pearly Gates!


  6. Sheila says:

    Awwwww Sarah, I feel so sad for your loss. Luke, I know, was very loved and had a wonderful life. Yet, it is so hard to get on without their precious presence. Sending hugs.

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  7. G says:

    Sympathies from us. Safe journey to Luke. You memorialized him well.

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