Father and Son Night Feeding

Father and Son Night Feeding by Sarah Sullivan

Father and Son Night Feeding

We are visiting relatives in Chicago and I had the lucky opportunity to sketch the newest member of my husband’s family while his father fed him. After several sketches that did not come close to capturing the bond between the father and son, I drew one I was pleased with. However,  I did not have large enough paper to include all of the father’s head. I like the contrast of the small child in the father’s arms. 

This is a pastel sketch that I imported into Procreate and then added color.

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4 Responses to Father and Son Night Feeding

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  2. Looks great! I really enjoy taking my traditional art media works into an art app, usually “Procreate”, and working on it further. Lately, I’m also printing a lot of my iPad art, and then adding some pencil and gouache, etc…. to the print. Good fun! All the best, Janette. 🙂


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