Cooking Together at Rocio’s

Cooking Together at Rocio's by Sarah Sullivan

Cooking Together at Rocio’s

Rocio is one of our Spanish teachers and she offers a cooking class in her home. The participants go and buy the ingredients and then, under her supervision, make a Mexican meal. It was a wonderful opportunity but I found the opportunity to sketch the others even more appealing. It was fun to try to convey the chaos as the bunch of us alternated between completing tasks and talking.

I like the feel of people bustling around in this sketch. However, this is more of an assembled sketch than an accurate portrayal of a single moment. I had to capture most of the figures separately as no one stayed in the same place for long.  It was an entertaining evening and I have another partial sketch of this same scene that I may finish in the next few days. 

This is a pastel and gouache sketch on black paper. 

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