A Last Sketch from Cuernavaca

A Last Sketch in Cuernavaca

A Last Sketch in Cuernavaca

I was sketching in a cafe off of Cuernavaca’s city square while my sisters were taking a salsa lesson. When they came to get me I was not quite ready to go. Although I told myself I would finish this later, I never did. You can see some of the quick pastel marks that I made to organize the sketch as I started, most of which would probably have been painted over or erased by the time I finished the sketch.

Sketching in a cafe off of Cuernavaca's Zocolo

Sketching in a cafe off of Cuernavaca’s Zocolo

One of my sisters took a photo of me holding up the sketch and it shows the greater context of where I was working.  How great is it to be serenaded by mariachis while sketching? (There was a large graduation celebration off to my right.)

With Students at CONALEP Plantel Temixco

With Students at CONALEP Plantel Temixco

As long as I am posting photos of myself, this second photo shows me explaining my process and materials to students at the CONALEP Plantel Temixco, where following my sister’s presentation earlier in the week, I gave a short explanation of daily sketching. I loved the enthusiasm of the students and got a kick out of answering their questions, showing them my small kit for sketching, and encouraging them to find time to draw.

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7 Responses to A Last Sketch from Cuernavaca

  1. sheila greer says:

    Awesome – ALL! Not surprised you were sharing/teaching and spreading your joy in art, Sarah. XO

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  2. bev Barrett says:

    Great job. Curious that you choose a man in deep focus and not the musicians.

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    • I agree, the mariachis would have made a terrific sketch. Sadly, the musicians where not there when I started and I had no room left on my paper to add them when they did appear. This sort of missed opportunity happens often in real- time sketching, but is also part of the fun.


  3. Sheila Polk says:

    I miss it all and love the sketch!


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