Bill Is a Builder

Bill Is a Builder by Sarah Sullivan

Bill Is a Builder

My brother Bill is a builder. He builds homes for families and builds our extended family through sharing his cabin and land with us. This week many of us are camping on his land in Colorado for an annual family reunion, as we have for most of the past 34 years. Imagine what closeness his 80 acres of wooded land has fostered in all of us over the years. Our very large family has been very fortunate to be able to play, hike, read, talk, reconnect and rest up for the coming year.  

Now he is remodeling his small cabin into a large home with indoor plumbing to better support his aging siblings and their families. I watched my brothers working together today and thought how the leadership of Bill has shaped all our relationships. I wanted to suggest some of this with this sketch. 
This is a pastel, ink and gouache sketch on black paper. 

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8 Responses to Bill Is a Builder

  1. diane sullivan says:

    Sally, you painted a beautiful picture and wrote inspiring words!

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    So Sarah like, to share himself wth others. Thks

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  3. Sheila Polk says:

    Truly lovely!! I love the way you used blue to make Bill jump out at the viewer first thing along with the red saw, conveying everything in one instant.

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  4. I like the visual layers you created here. Very pretty!


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