Light for the Sunflowers

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of light coming in a window onto a couch and sunflowers

Light for the Sunflowers

Last Monday I sketched these sunflowers in this same setting. I liked it because it was a simple bold design. However,  after two days of looking at the sketch alongside the flowers in my living room, I decided it would be better if one of the flowers extended above the couch. So on Wednesday I sketched it again on a larger sheet of paper which gave me room to include the full couch and, because I sketched in the afternoon and not the evening,  I also included the sunlight coming in from the west window. This weekend my cousin, whose artwork and art thinking I love, wondered if the light should come all the way across the couch. I thought about that for a day and decided to edit Wednesday’s sketch and emphasize the light more. And now I wonder if I should place the flowers directly in front of the window and sketch it again with lots of back light coming through the flowers and vase. In any case, I have enjoyed thinking this through and trying out possibilities.

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3 Responses to Light for the Sunflowers

  1. AANGEE says:

    It’s wonderful:)

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  2. tprevey says:

    Love the color, reflections and refraction of light!

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