Field Trip to Balboa Park

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a class of students along the lily pond at Balboa Park

Field Trip to Balboa Park

Just as I was finishing up yesterday I looked across the lily pond and noticed a class of students walking energetically behind their teacher along the other side. I was charmed by their quick pace and by their reflections in the pond. I took several photos and used one today for this sketch.

The base of this sketch is a preliminary 9 X 9 inch sketch I did in gouache for the larger piece, ‘The Lily Pond Again’, that I did yesterday. Today I used pastels and drew over that preliminary sketch. Then in the water portion, I added more gouache over the pastels for the blurry look of water.

There were some 30 students in this class. Tomorrow I will develop this idea further using a 17-inch long sheet of paper to emphasize the long line of students.

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