A Steampunk Penguin?

A Steampunk Penguin?

A Steampunk Penguin?

Today was the fourth week of my Photoshop class and the night we handed in our first assignment. We were to construct a steampunk animal by combining photographs of gears, machine parts or metal. I am not completely certain that my penguin looks like a steampunk penguin, but I did enjoy learning how to make selections, mask, and work with layers. The background is more free-form and made by using the Photoshop tools.


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7 Responses to A Steampunk Penguin?

  1. deb92024 says:

    Can’t get on-line in China but wanted to let you know your Steampunk Penguin is the futuristic love child of a martini shaker and one of those multi-tool knives.

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  2. AANGEE says:

    Lol … awesome!

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  3. jmnowak says:

    Cute! Looks steampunk to me. 👌

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  4. She Art says:

    So Fun! I can see you are learning a LOT really FAST. Impressive Sarah! Photoshop is SO CHALLENGING!!!

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