Photoshop Final Project

Photoshop Final Project by Sarah Sullivan

Photoshop Final Project

This past fall I had the thought that it would be a great idea to take a Photoshop class and learn how to manipulate images digitally.  In spite of the challenges of remembering how to use the keyboard as an artistic tool, I loved the class and gained some understanding of how graphic artists work.

For this final project, each student created an original ‘movie poster’ based on titles developed as a class. The goal was to locate a variety of images from a variety of different sources and integrate them into a coherent visual story by using the features of Photoshop. It was a fun way to learn, and my classmates created some amazing posters.

The title that got my attention was “Making Room.’ It reminded me of our chipmunk visitors last summer when we camped in Colorado. Although I did not like sharing our camper with the critters, I had fun imagining a story where a chip family moves into a cabin similar to my brother’s.

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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great idea and super execution

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