A New Moon for A New Year

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of A New Moon on New Year's Eve

A New Moon for A New Year

My brother sent a picture of the new moon from his home in Phoenix this evening. That made me go out and look at the new moon as it came up over the trees behind our home in San Diego. It was so beautiful and so large. I had to get out my gouache and pastels and try to capture the moment.

Wishing everyone a New Year full of gorgeous moons!

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11 Responses to A New Moon for A New Year

  1. Loooooove it, happy new year!

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  2. AANGEE says:


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  3. diane sullivan says:

    Bill is impressed! Happy New Year.

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  4. Sheila Greer says:

    Magnificent value change on this successful painting, Sarah! Happy New Year to you and your Gouache!

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  5. jmnowak says:

    Neat! Happy 2018. 😄

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  6. Emma Cownie says:

    A beautiful painting.

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  7. ebyaniy says:

    i saw that new moon rising as it broke above the horizon right after sunset. it was quite big and impressive in a clear sky after a few days of cloud cover. the color blend in your paining is beautiful. it was freezing out so i did not linger long to watch it but wanted to.

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