Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a woman waiting


It was the last pose of the morning, and our model seemed to radiate a sense of waiting. She sat on the edge of her stool, leaning back but not at rest. She looked off into the distance as though she were remembering and planning. Was she perhaps waiting for the morning to end, or waiting to address an issue that was on her mind? All I know is that she appeared ready to get up and step away and that I enjoyed trying to capture it all.

This piece started off as a line and gouache sketch on black paper. When I got home, I imported it into Procreate, an app on the iPad, and added the blue, red, and brown into the background.

About Sarah Sullivan

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2 Responses to Waiting

  1. petersalamon says:

    To me it’s Lynn from last night. Ready to leave but also very engaged. Love the picture!

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