Under the Redwoods II

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a main in the Redwood Forest

Under the Redwoods II

Using photographs from our recent camping trip in Humbolt County, I spent the day trying to convey how very large and old the redwoods are. I will need to keep working on this but want to share the two sketches that come closest to this goal.

I used a figure of a man in both sketches to give an idea of how tall the trees are, and made the colors close to the forest floor dark to show the difficulty that light has penetrating the brush. In the second sketch, I used both sides of a narrow sketchbook so that there was space for the trees to soar above the man.

In my next sketches of this subject, I will move my viewpoint back so there is more space between the bottom edge and the figure.

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a man walking in the Redwood Forest

Walking Under the Redwoods

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  1. You captured the light and feeling of the Redwoods and without tight details, this is art. 😊

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