At Sea on the Prinsendam

Today our ship, the Prinsendam, is at Hamilton, Bermuda. We got up early to watch the ship come in through the Bermuda straights and then went on a walking tour of this lovely port.

Here are three sketches from our past three days at sea.

This first sketch shows a few people at a happy hour Sunday on a choppy sea. I may have been projecting my own feelings on these three innocents bystanders, but it was hard to find the ‘happy’ in their body language.

Monday was calmer and sunny, and I had fun sketching people sunning around the pool.

This last sketch shows my sister looking out to sea from a bench that is placed at the edge of the highest deck to which passengers have access.

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2 Responses to At Sea on the Prinsendam

  1. joyce trinh says:

    A lovely journey with family, Sarah! Wonderful paintings, must enter to shows.
    Love your expression as always. Regards, JT

    Liked by 1 person

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