Where the Seas Meet

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of where the Baltic and North Seas Meet

Where the Seas Meet

I drove up to the tip of Jutland, to the small town of Skagen, and then beyond Skagen to its northernmost point, Grenen. I went to Skagen to see the town where the Danish Impressionists gathered in the summer to paint, particularly to see the house of Anna Ancher. But I was most moved by standing on the tip of the beach at Grenen, and seeing where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. You can actually see a difference in color between the two seas, something that surprised and delighted me. I tried to capture this experience with this little sketch that I did while standing on the beach. It is a gouache sketch across two pages in a small Moleskine sketchbook.

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7 Responses to Where the Seas Meet

  1. sheila greer says:

    IMPACTFUL – you caught the “enormity” of this place Sarah!

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  2. tprevey says:

    Wow! Your painting gives me goosebumps!

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  3. Simply marvellous!

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