Under the Influence of Münter and Calder

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of children playing under a sculpture by Calder

Under the Influence of Münter and Calder

I was delighted to see that the Louisiana Museum in Denmark has a retrospective exhibition of Gabriele Münter’s paintings and photographs. It is an impressive collection and covers the 50- 60 years of her work. It was an opportunity to look at her brushwork and saturated colors up close and I made the most of it. I especially liked her paintings that included bold outlines.

Afterwards I sat in the museum’s Calder sculpture garden and watched people enjoying the sunshine against the view towards Sweden across the straight. I got a kick out of the children, dressed in their museum best, who raced around under the sculptures. I did not have my sketchbook with me but later used a few photographs for reference to make this sketch, while still under the influence of both Münter and Calder.

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6 Responses to Under the Influence of Münter and Calder

  1. AANGEE says:

    This is wonderful.! What a marvelous blue

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  2. Sheila says:

    Love the way you used the black of the paper Sarah. AND the shapes of intensely delicious color. The complimentary colors of the girls in red against the beautiful green really sets it off as a focal point, and the large dark art structure holds everything together. Nice placement of horizon line. Well thought out and executed in my opinion! Wonderful!

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  3. Karen Reichhardt says:

    I like the striking differences in bold color. Hope you’re having a great time!

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