Running up the Path

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of Three Young Women Running up a Path

Running up the Path

I was sitting on a shady bench in the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park, thinking about how to show the sunlight on the path. I noticed three young women, probably in their early years of high school, running up the hill towards me. All three wore white outfits and dress shoes. I loved the contrast between the dressy outfits and their gusto and wanted to capture it. Luckily, I was able to pull out my camera in time to get a few photos.

I have been looking at how Paul Cezanne’s shows foliage in his landscapes and I think I caught a small bit of his style in this sketch.

This is a 8 X 12 – inch gouache sketch on black paper.

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4 Responses to Running up the Path

  1. Lovely! I like the foliage treatment too.

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  2. jofox2108 says:

    I love the life you’ve got in this painting. It reminds me of Cezanne too. I know the subject is different but it brought to mind his painting “The Bathers”. Lovely work!

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