Morning Shines on the Mesa

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of the morning light on the mesa

Morning Shines on the Mesa

The sandstone rocks of Southwest Utah are stunning. I did not have time to paint there so I compensated by taking as many photos as I could. Today I began to look at them, especially the ones with strong lighting. There was one where the rising sun lit up the east-facing cliffs while the west-facing cliffs were still in shadow. I tried to capture some of this feeling in this sketch.

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4 Responses to Morning Shines on the Mesa

  1. Beautifully captured. Janet 🙂

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  2. She says:

    Very successful “mark making,” Sarah!!! It really adds feeling and motion to this fabulous painting! Did you use your IPad too? Love it.

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    • Hi Sheila. This is just a gouache and watercolor pencil sketch. But, I am in the process of abandoning my old 2007 Mac and switching to a Microsoft Surface Pro with an external monitor. This is my first post using the MS Surface and it is interesting that you notice something processed about it. Now I also see that this sketch has a different feel and wonder if I need to make adjustments to the color or some other setting on the Surface Pro. You have a discerning eye! Thank you for the question, it has got me pondering all sorts of technical things.


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