Frida Underwater

Pen and Ink Drawing by Sarah SUllivan

Frida Underwater

This week the assignment in our illustration class was to show a character in an underwater environment, using black ink and traditional pens. I had trouble thinking of a character and began several sketches only to abandon them when I did not like the outcomes. I found conveying water to be especially challenging.

This week I was coincidently reading about Frida Kahlo and got to wondering what her environment would have looked like if she had lived underwater. I am guessing it might have been something like this and that her self-portraits might have included fish, eels, and jellyfish. I am still not happy with the way I showed the water but this is as good as it gets this week.

After seeing the work of the other students, I came home and added back some of the whites behind Frida on my sketch, using Procreate on my iPad.


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3 Responses to Frida Underwater

  1. I really like this! The course sounds great and it’s wonderful to see the assignments.


  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great idea for a sketch

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