The Other Side of Torrey Pines

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of Torrey Pines
The Other Side of Torrey Pines

Pretty much every time I am at Torrey Pines State Reserve, I look west and paint a view of the Pacific Ocean. Today I turned 180 degrees, looked to the east and painted an outbuilding surrounded by Torrey Pine trees. This view reminds me of my brother’s cabin in Colorado and made me nostalgic for it.

This is a 12 X 17-inch gouache painting on black paper. I used a new paintbrush, a dagger brush, for a lot of the foliage and like it quite a bit.

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2 Responses to The Other Side of Torrey Pines

  1. AANGEE says:

    Lovely and soft

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  2. tprevey says:

    Love the patchwork effect of grays, browns and greens!

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