An Artist at Work

An Artist at Work

Torrey Pines State Reserve was a perfect place to paint this morning. I arrived expecting heavy fog but it had already moved out over the Pacific. As I thought about a vista to paint, my eyes kept looking over at my friend. I thought her silhouette and easel against the ocean was just gorgeous. So instead of a painting of the view from the West Overlook, this became a painting about an artist doing her best to capture beauty. 

This is a 13 X 20- inch gouache and casein painting on heavy black bristol board.

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5 Responses to An Artist at Work

  1. AANGEE says:

    Oooooh I love this!!!

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  2. tprevey says:

    This is really really nice!

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  3. Beverly Barrett says:

    My favorite beach  

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sarah. When I take a deep breath I can feel the ocean! I’ve got to have that painting.. My problem is that I love ALL your work and can’t choose!


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