Mission Beach in December

Mission Beach in December

This morning I painted at Mission Beach in San Diego, with the Wednesday Painters from the San Diego Watercolor Society. Even by ten there was still quite a bit of fog, although the sun was bright. The figures on the beach were backlit and seemed to be silhouettes against the morning mist. It seemed like a good opportunity to show the figures by using negative painting, that is, painting the area around the figures, but not actually painting the figures.

This is a 12 X 23-inch gouache painting on black paper.

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7 Responses to Mission Beach in December

  1. Love the image…I have been to Mission Beach, Sand Diego:) Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a very peaceful, healthy and creative 2019. Janet 🙂 xx

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  2. AANGEE says:

    The movement is wonderful!

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  3. tprevey says:

    Love the the spirit and feel of this painting … and the seagulls!

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