Getting Ready for Holy Week

Getting Ready for Holy Week

My Wednesday sketching group met at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego this morning. It is a beautiful and busy complex with many tempting choices for interior and exterior scenes. And, with Easter in less than two weeks, people were bustling around, putting a polish across the facility.

My eye was caught by a worker on a ladder. I liked his focus on his work and the fact that the scale of the church contrasted so nicely against his figure up there on the ladder.

I vacillated a bit at first, torn between laying out the perspective with a vanishing point, and so on. As you can see, I decided to just go for a more organic approach.

This is a mix of casein and gouache paint on a sheet of 12 X 22-inch black paper.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Holy Week

  1. She says:

    So colorful and full of light! There is so much to see in this piece and my heart was delighted when my eye found the man in the ladder. Very complex and successful Sarah!!!

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