Describing Nature’s Beauty

Describing Nature’s Beauty

There are so many ways of looking at, thinking about, and admiring nature. Some do it with words, photos, or paint, others in less common ways. Over the years I have come to appreciate the perspective of my favorite mathematician, whose efforts to describe nature’s processes with formulas has been his lifelong passion. Wherever he goes, it seems he shows his delight in nature by saying it with symbols.

I sketch him often with a tablet or computer, and a lost-in-thought kind of pose. This time I put some formulas into the clouds, to show his thoughts more concretely.

This is a 12 x 16- inch gouache painting on black paper.

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4 Responses to Describing Nature’s Beauty

  1. tprevey says:

    This is lovely!

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  2. Anna says:

    There’s something about the shoulders, and the relationship of the gaze to the crossword-below-and-equations-above, that does invoke Peter for me.

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