Goodnight Forest

Goodnight Forest

When I was camping on my brother’s land earlier this month, I came across a weathered piece of wood that had a large knot. I thought right away how the grain of the wood and the knot looked like the kind of sunset my brother gets to see most nights.

The piece of wood is on the large side for a woodcut, 22 x 9 inches, (56 x 23 centimeters). I carved it while I was in Colorado but had to wait to print it until I got home and could buy large paper. I spent the day today printing different versions of this woodcut. This one is printed on black Bristol paper painted with gouache which I let dry before printing.

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5 Responses to Goodnight Forest

  1. She says:

    I ADORE this piece!!!! It SO messes with my head when I look at it from an artists perspective. It is like it is inside out and backwards to my wee brain.. it is BRILLIANT!


  2. deb92024 says:

    Why don’t we plan on Saturday – otherwise Sunday will be exhausting for you! We can come to your house or meet somewhere else.


  3. Karen Reichhardt says:

    This brings back so many memories. I’ll have to drag out my prints we made in college. I like the other comments – it’s brilliant.

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