This week I am taking a workshop to learn how to integrate figures with backgrounds. The idea is that the body language of the figure should be amplified by the rest of the painting. The background should be suggestive without being too narrative. So far I get the idea but am still far too explicit with the background.

I have an abundance of 20- minute sketches of figures from my drawing group. I brought several to the workshop thinking these would be good to develop. I started with this one because I thought that the figure’s body language clearly looks like she is feeling a little insecure and is studying a situation. Perhaps she might be wondering if she will be welcomed, or is wondering if she should have worn the hat. Anyway, I tried to make the rocks behind her and the water before her suggest that she is feeling boxed in, worried, and in need of holding back.

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4 Responses to Backgrounds

  1. Anonymous says:

    Success!!! The beautiful background seems to be cradling her tender spirit! Good work~!

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  2. Alana says:

    you nailed it,

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