Mostly from Last Summer

I have the hardest time painting without an actual landscape, model, or still life in front of me. At this point I think I should be able to look at what I am doing and make the kinds of changes to what I see that would strengthen my paintings.

Today I thought that perhaps if I take some of my many unfinished paintings and force myself to complete some without looking at any photo references that I might have taken, that this might help me along the way. I started with a piece I began along a road near Canyonlands in Utah. I simplified the sky by removing the clouds and broke up the large purple area on the right.

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4 Responses to Mostly from Last Summer

  1. Beverly K Barrett says:

    Looks familiar! Great memories.

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  2. She says:

    Beautiful strong values, Sarah! I usually love your swirly clouds however in this case simplifying the sky really works! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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