Speed Painting at the Opera

The San Diego Opera invites artists to paint and draw during a practice prior to the opera’s opening. Aida opens tomorrow and I was one of the lucky artists who got to spend three hours painting in the darkened orchestra section.

The orchestra was seated on the stage and the performers sang both in front and behind the musicians. The costumes and set design were gorgeous and body language of the singers was wonderfully exaggerated. The whole performance was perfect for speed painting.

I love speed painting with a gesture style and did some 12 sketches last night. Here are a few:

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2 Responses to Speed Painting at the Opera

  1. She says:

    It was utterly amazing to watch you paint these incredible pieces, one after another. I don’t think most people have any idea how challenging it is to paint like this, with constant movement, light and color changes and mood. Your creative genius came through as you changed up the composition, placement, perspective in each and every one, as the basic layout was always the same with the exception of minor changes in the backdrop. In my mind Sarah, you are a Master at this! I gave it up to enjoy the Opera and YOU half way through!

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