Autumn on the Santa Margarita River

We stood in the Santa Margarita River and painted. It was a very hot day and the temperature reached 93 degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees Celsius). But even though the heat said summer, the foliage said autumn and it was a treat to attempt to capture an autumn scene.

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2 Responses to Autumn on the Santa Margarita River

  1. Barbara Raub says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!! My hubby just walked and I gave him a tour of your figure, the one below and a couple of others. He loves them too. “She has a distinct trademark style! WOW!”

    I have a reg Thurs commitment …but have a couple free thurs in dec and then after may so I hope to join in the figure. I took figure from Annette pacquet a few years ago.. totally new thing for me. I preferred the short gestural posed.. longs ones gave me more opportunity to mess up.

    Were you with Joyce?? I thought I saw her post the same location however now I cannot find it. That would have been too hot for me. Annette’s class met in Old town in a park one feb day and THAT got too hot for me as I did not get a shady spot and the sun coming out from the clouds was intense enough to send me home early…

    I like subscribing! Now I won’t miss a post!




  2. Beverly Barrett says:


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