A Jazz Trio

Saturday evening we went to hear a jazz trio present their new CD. I had my sketchbook and chalk pencils in my purse and drew a bit in the dark of the performance. Today I added gouache paint to the drawings.

The group goes way back to the ’80s, and their cohesiveness showed throughout the evening. However, I thought they also approached their music individually and wanted to convey both their commonalities and differences in this sketch. I thought the flutist was calm and centered and that her music came from deep within her. The guitarist seemed moved by the meaning of the lyrics he sang as well as by the music of the others. Finally, the percussionist exuded his enthusiasm for the music with every bit of sound they made. Altogether, it made for an intriguing dynamic, and I would love the chance to sketch them at length.

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2 Responses to A Jazz Trio

  1. She says:

    YAHHHH HOOO! Another masterpiece! It SO conveys your story – individual creators with integrated intentions. Love the guitarists hair – the composition and most especially the interconnected and highly impactful red line!! Magnificent!

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